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Elements To Consider When Design Your Liverpool Driving School Office

The 4 big elements which will directly influence your Liverpool office workplace productivity and health in regards to design are relaxation, inclusive design, spatial design and flexibility. The design of your office communicates with company’s corporate mission to customers and employees.


The principal consideration when choosing the right tenancy and for your first meeting with the Habitat 1 group should maintain the accommodation requirements of your area. It’s necessary to think about how many open plan work stations, enclosed driving instructor offices and meeting rooms need to fulfill the needs of your company, however just as important to consider is the location and significance of group activity and social areas within the workplace. Having clear lodging requirements at the start of a project enables the design team to make the most effective design, maximise gross floor area whilst adhering to the four elements of design philosophy turned out to make a productive and healthy work environment.

Sprouting in the accommodation requirements, the plan of the office will have to have a specific flow to create the desired result. Clients are encouraged to think about the everyday interactions and movement of personnel and visitors to the workplace to fuel the hierarchy and arrangement of spaces. Among the important factors is the requirement for private and public workstations and group places. It’s proven that transparency in a office creates camaraderie amongst workers; however it’s unrealistic for an office to be one big open area. Therefore, using the information given by the customer we can design a spatial design that satisfies the criteria of private and public spaces whilst developing a feeling of balance and wellbeing for workers.

When contemplating the design of your space it’s important to consider the future of the company and the flexibility of the spaces being made. A successful office design ought to have the ability to evolve and change with a company without needing a new important refurbishment. Moveable furniture, moveable walls, double usage and the ability to reconfigure spaces help out with creating flexible layout to evolve with a company when required.

When working with your designer the dilemma of sustainability, Green Design and its degree of importance to your driving school  office will have to be considered. Many sustainable options add no cost to the job such as distances for recycling bins in the kitchen and print areas. It needs to be considered that incorporating some elements of Green Design to a job can actually save the customer money like lighting on detectors, mechanical design and electricity use. As knowingly Green designers we can supply sustainable, renewable and recycled material to your own project.Now to the fun stuff… Colour! Starting with the reception area, the significance of this space has to be considered by the customer. For some companies it is of great significance and also to others very little, the allocation of funds from your budget should reflect its importance. It’s integral to keep in mind that the message your reception, color scheme, furniture and lighting send to your visitors and staff. It’s sleek and sophisticated, bright and lively or warm and reassuring. Using corporate branding and colours in your space may be utilized to complement the general effect of the spatial layout.